E-Prime | Statview


E-Prime is a suite of 5 programs that is used to design computer-based experiments, run the experiments with millisecond accuracy, and prepare the data for statistical analysis. It has greater functionality and is easier to use than competing software (e.g., SuperLab, MEL, Psyscope, etc.).

Currently E-Prime is available only on PCs. However, it is expected to run under the Mac OS soon.


E-Studio designs experiments using a simple graphical interface. A paradigm wizard allows one to design the core components of an experiment in approximately 5 minutes. Experiments can display text, images, and sounds. They can also automatically generate feedback and make simple calculations, to be presented to the subjects or simply to be stored in the data files.


The experiment designed in E-Studio is then compiled into a scripting language called E-Basic (similar to Visual Basic for Applications). Complex experiments may require some small additions to the scripts.


E-Run executes the E-Basic code to run the experiment and saves all the selected information to subject specific data files.


E-Merge quickly collates the subject data files, potentially across multiple sessions, multiple subjects, and multiple machines.


E-DataAid allows one to edit data, filter data (e.g., incorrect responses), and calculate some simple statistics (e.g., subject medians or means by condition) such that 1) basic experiment results can be examined quickly, and 2) the data is converted into a format that is convenient for common statistical packages.


Statview is an easy-to-use statistical package that quickly calculates a large variety of common descriptive and inferential statistics using a simply graphical user interface. Unlike SPSS or SAS, its output is easy to read and easy to modify, and displays more complex information only on demand. However, it is generally similar to other packages such that once Statview is learned, other packages are also easily learned.

Capabilities of Statview include complete descriptive statistics, frequency distributions, t-tests, ANOVAs (within & between), ANCOVAs, MANCOVAS, correlations, regressions (linear & logistics, simple & multiple), contingency tables, nonparametrics, factor analysis, survival analysis, and more.

Statview is maintained by SAS. It is fully cross-platform, functioning under Windows, WindowsNT, and MacOS.

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