Lab Schedule of Events and Handouts

In addition to a few additional lectures on the theory of experimental design, this course assumes 13 2-hour labs to learn about the software, to learn about how to write APA papers, and to implement experiments and collect data.

Week 1 (Introduction)

Week 2 (Powerpoint overview of E-Prime)

Blair, I.V., & Banaji, M.R. (1996). Automatic and controlled process in stereotype priming. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 70(6), 1142-1163.

Week 3 (E-Studio, E-Run)

Week 4 (Paradigm Wizard & Trouble-shooting)

Week 5 (E-Merge, E-DataAid, Statview)

Week 6 (Stroop design)

Week 7 (Run Stroop & analyze)

Week 8 (Final projects)

Week 9 (Discussion of project ideas)

Week 10 (Review of statistical concepts; Statview tutorial)

Week 11 (Participation in projects)

Week 12 (Participation in projects)

Week 13 (Project presentations)

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